Hot Rolled/Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled

What is Hot Rolled Steel?

Hot rolled steel is produced through a milling process where the steel is rolled at high temperatures. Once heated at these temperatures, the steel can be shaped and formed easily. Hot rolled steel is typically cheaper to produce than cold rolled steel due to the fact that it is often manufactured without any delays in the process, and therefore the reheating of steel is not required. Hot rolled steel is used in applications where precise shapes and tolerances are not required.

Pickling is a metal surface treatment used to remove impurities, such as stains, inorganic contaminants, rust or scale from ferrous metals, copper, precious metals and aluminum alloys. A solution called pickle liquor, which contains strong acids, is used to remove the surface impurities. During the pickling process the material is often oiled to add a protective barrier once the surface scale has been eliminated.

Industry Specifications:

ASTM: A36, A505, A507, A568, A569, A570, A606, A607, A635, A659, A715, A749, A1011, A1018

J403, J1392, J2329, J2340

EN 10025-2, EN 10111

Ford Hot Rolled Steel:

WSS-M1A365 Hot Rolled Steel
WSS-M1A367 Hot Rolled High Strength Low Alloy Steel

WSB-M1A215 Hot Rolled High Strength Low Alloy Steel
WSD-M1A333 Hot Rolled Low Carbon Steel
WSS-M1A344 Hot Rolled Low Carbon Steel
WSS-M1A346 Hot Rolled High Strength Low Alloy Steel
WSS-M1A356 Hot Rolled Steel

GM Hot Rolled Steel:

GMW2M Hot Rolled Steel
GMW3032M Hot Rolled High Strength Low Alloy Steel

Chrysler Hot Rolled Steel:

MS-264 Hot Rolled Steel
MS Hot Rolled Steel
MS.50002 Hot Rolled Steel

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