Here at Miami Valley Steel Service we love hearing from our customers!

Below are some testimonials from our actual customers

“If Miami Valley Steel Service says they are going to do something, you can trust that they will get it done.”

“MVSS does a great job with quality and delivery.”

“Fortunately for our employees and their families, MVSS has become a partner that provides on-site metallurgical advice, very competitive pricing, and unprecedented logistics programs that not only allow us to maintain, but grow our business. It is obvious that MVSS values U.S. manufacturing jobs as much as we do.”

“We’ve grown significantly over the past 13 years and MVSS has been a big part of our success. Their cut ahead program has allowed us to have quick on time deliveries that help us satisfy our customer’s needs.”

steel“To sum it up…..great people, on time deliveries, and competitive pricing.


“MVSS quality is a step above all my other steel suppliers.”


“MVSS is always honest.”


“We don’t have the largest orders at times and MVSS still takes care of us the same way, no matter the size of the order.”


“Being a job shop we have a large variety of needs as well as very tight tolerances on steel. MVSS has a large variety of steel types and specs to offer to fill those needs.”

“Pricing, quality, sales both inside and out, and overall the company in general are reasons we buy from MVSS.”

“We buy from MVSS for 4 reasons:

  • Consistency of product
  • Outstanding quality. We don’t have time to manage poor quality vendors.
  • Strong office support
  • Sales reps that understand our business. MVSS does an outstanding job taking the time to understand our needs and what is important to our company.”


“MVSS has experienced and professional people that are easy to do business with.”

“MVSS’s ability to supply our product at a reasonable rate…and on time….every time has been the key.”

“The sales team and quality support are top notch.”

“When I tell competing sales reps that my main coil supplier is MVSS, they typically say,” Yep, they are very good at what they do.” When your competitors say that, you must be doing something right.”

“One constant has been MVSS and their willingness to help me understand the market while also treating us fairly in terms of cost and continuing to maintain their excellent quality standards.”

“No one compares to MVSSS in terms of availability, cost, and quality.”