When MVSS opened our doors in 1983 we started out primarily buying excess and obsolete drop cuts to be slit on our narrow slitter. Since then we have added 5 more slitters, 2 CTL lines, 3 edge lines, and 3 shears to offer our customers a full line of products and services. Supporting all these machines have allowed us to develop relationships with all the domestic mill producers, but buying excess steel is still a large part of our business.

If your steel is obsolete, secondary, aged, or surplus we specialize in offering a solution that saves you from scrapping your material.

Our buying service includes solutions for the following material types:

In the following forms:

If you have a list of obsolete material you would like us to review or have interest in establishing a long term program to reduce your scrap percentage, please contact us by e-mail, or give one of our purchasing team a call at 937-778-3250.

Our Purchasing Team:

Guy House

Grant Klosterman

Joe Prenger