The MVSS Individual Fitness Challenge

Miami Valley Steel believes in fitness, and that’s why now thru March 2018 Miami Valley Steel Service is running a friendly Individual Fitness Challenge. This 3 Month Goal Challenge, followed by a 3 Month Maintenance Plan is to encourage employees to utilize the in-house workout facility and personal trainer to reach long term goals. The only requirements are you must use the in-house training room for at least 30 minutes 12 times a month, and check in with a MVSS Fitness Committee the last 3 months.

During these “check-ins” if the individuals are maintaining their goal they will receive a cash reward, but if they do not maintain they have next month to get back on track. If individuals do not check-in they are eliminated from the challenge. At the end if the individual achieves their goals they will have a chance to win an extra vacation day!

Good luck to the 33 participating Miami Valley Steel employees during this time!