Fully killed, fine grain, high strength sheet steel with specified minimum yield strength between 180 MPa and 550 MPa with good forming, joining, and painting characteristics.

Item #Steel TypeMinimum Yield Strength
MSS-M1A367-A11 Dent Resistant CR180 26.1 ksi
MSS-M1A367-A12 Dent Resistant CR210 30.4 ksi
MSS-M1A367-A13 Dent Resistant CR240 34.8 ksi
MSS-M1A367-A14 Dent Resistant CR270 39.1 ksi
MSS-M1A367-A21 Bake Hardenable CR180B2 26.1 ksi
MSS-M1A367-A22 Bake Hardenable CR210B2 30.4 ksi
MSS-M1A367-A23 Bake Hardenable CR240B2 34.8 ksi
MSS-M1A367-A24 Bake Hardenable CR270B2 39.1 ksi
MSS-M1A367-A25 Bake Hardenable CR300B2 43.5 ksi
MSS-M1A367-A33 High Strength CR240LA 34.8 ksi
MSS-M1A367-A34 High Strength CR270LA 39.1 ksi
MSS-M1A367-A35 High Strength CR300LA 43.5 ksi
MSS-M1A367-A36 High Strength CR340LA 49.3 ksi
MSS-M1A367-A37 High Strength CR380LA 55.1 ksi
MSS-M1A367-A38 High Strength CR420LA 60.9 ksi
MSS-M1A367-A39 High Strength CR500LA 72.5 ksi
MSS-M1A367-A40 High Strength CR550LA 79.7 ksi

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