Miami Valley Steel is Proud to be Re-Certified as an ISO 9001:2015 Company

Miami Valley Steel proudly announces its successful recertification as an ISO 9001:2015 company, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to quality management. ISO 9001:2015, the latest revision of the quality management standard, signifies a new era in the development of quality management systems.

The 2015 revision introduces key enhancements, underscoring our dedication to tailored, effective management systems:

  • Tailored Management Systems: Greater emphasis on building a management system suited to the unique needs of each organization.
  • Leadership Accountability: A requirement for top-level organizational involvement and accountability, aligning quality with broader business strategy.
  • Risk-Based Thinking: Integrated throughout the standard, promoting a preventive approach and encouraging continuous improvement.
  • Flexible Documentation Requirements: A departure from prescriptive documentation requirements, allowing organizations to decide the format and extent of documented information needed.
  • Common Structure: Alignment with other key management system standards, ensuring a common structure and core text for enhanced coherence.
  • Incorporation of Knowledge Management: Introduction of Knowledge Management principles for a more comprehensive approach.

This recertification underscores Miami Valley Steel’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional quality and continuous improvement. By meeting the rigorous standards of ISO 9001:2015, we reaffirm our dedication to providing products and services that consistently meet or exceed customer expectations. Our team looks forward to maintaining these high standards and embracing the principles that define a new era in quality management systems.

Download our Certificate Here